Mary Mendy Carer's Award

Adeplayhouse remembers Mary Mendy who died in the grenfel tower on 14th June 2017. She worked with Mihomecare of Hammersmith and Fulham/kessington and Chelsea Borough, she was in the office for medication training on Wednesday morning, in Hammersmith same night she was gone. In the same flat was her daughter Khadija Saye a photographic artist. With the Mary Mendy award We will recognise people in the health care industry and honor them with an award. This is our honor to a lady who looked after people who needed help in our community, she should be remembered. Adeyinka Akinwande Adeplayhouse&dcomrades
Adeyinka Akinwande Adeplayhouse&dcomrades
Date & Time:
Sunday 10 June 11 am - 12pm