Arts Partner Terms & Conditions

1.     HF ArtsFest will provide Registered Arts Partners

  1. a platform for Artists across all genres and levels of experience to come together under one umbrella, to showcase their work, and network with the wider arts community in the borough during events and arts partners meetings
  2. an open and inclusive platform for artists who live or work in the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (n.b.: this means artists/organisations can run their own events under the umbrella of HF ArtsFest – it DOES NOT mean that the ArtsFest provides an open access exhibition space for visual artists)
  3. some support from a professional producer  with regards to project planning and implementation
  4. PR&M support – the festival will plan and implement a marketing strategy for the festival as a whole including print, distribution, social and online media to the value of ca £5000 – each participating artist, organisation or group is responsible for identifying their own target audience and planning and implementing their own marketing strategy
  5. invitations to networking events such as Arts Partners’ Meetings

HF ArtsFest staff or volunteers may attend your event to collect feedback or statistical information

2.     The HF ArtsFest does not

  1. remunerate any artists taking part in events - except when HF ArtsFest has been commissioned to provide artists for a specific event
  2. provide insurance cover for Arts Partners’/Participants’ events

3.     Registered Arts Partners agree to

  1. support the vision/mission of the ArtsFest which is to bring arts events to as broad a range of people as possible and support the development of a vibrant arts scene within the borough accessible to all
  2. Plan and implement their own marketing strategies, promote their event via their own channels (print, listings, social media etc)
  3. Include the ArtsFest logo on their marketing material (print and online)
  4. Supply the HF ArtsFest PR & Marketing Team with adequate marketing material (images, videos, social media handles, press release etc) and to co-operate with the HF ArtsFest Marketing Team on digital cross-promotion, social media platforms, press/media events and the provision of information and visuals to be used in the Arts Partners Forum of the website
  5. Ensure that all events are adequately insured i.e. Public Liability Insurance and Risk Assessments provided
  6. ensure that any person working with children, young people or vulnerable adults has a current DBS Certificate and the relevant qualifications in place
  7. accept sole responsibility for any financial, human or technical resources required for events
  8. complete a separate Registration Form for each event if organizing more than 1 event – however only 1 registration for an event that runs for more than 1 day
  9. provide a minimum of 1 complimentary ticket for HF ArtsFest Volunteers to attend event(s)
  10. reserve the right for HF ArtsFest to allocate events to a specific Programme category/categories as it sees fit
  11. oversee the listing of event(s) on the HF ArtsFest website and social media platforms
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