Elephant x BBC Creative: Portraits

The BBC Creative Photography team commissions, produces and art-directs hundreds of photo-shoots a year. The majority of images the team creates are portraits of the key actors, presenters and contributors featured in the programme the image represents. Elephant is delighted to partner with the BBC Creative photography team to produce a unique collaborative project celebrating the art and craft of promotional photography!

Exhibiting photographers:

Adam Lawrence; Ben Blackall; Colin Hutton; David Ellis; Des Willie; Douglas McCaffrey; Ed Miller; Elliot Wilcox; Guy Levy; Ian Weldon; Joe Giacomet; Julia Fullerton Baton; Leigh Keily; Mark Mainz; Martin Parr; Mogan Selvakannu; Naila Zahoor; Pete Dadds; Phil Fisk; Phil Sharp; Polly Alderton; Ray Burmiston; Richard Ansett; Sam Barker; Sarah Dunn; Sophie Green; Steve Neaves; Steve Schofield; Todd Antony

Image credits: Requiem, Todd Antony, BBC/New Pictures, Matilda (Lydia Wilson)

Check out this fantastic free photography exhibition, courtesy of Elephant and BBC Creative.
Date & Time:
Saturday 1 June - Sunday 9 June, 12pm-6pm (not open Monday 3 June)