You and I exhibition by Katya Kan

This fascinating exhibition of drawings present a series based on the collaborative virtual relationship between Katya Kan and the UK Argentinian artist, Ed Fornieles. These works were previously shown at the Brunel Museum in December 2018 as well as the Brompton Gallery in West London and The Other Art Fair in Los Angeles.

As part of this LARP (live action role play) interaction, Ed and Katya exchanged postcards with binary code in the course of a year until the present day. Carefully executed in with a technique combining numerous hammer and sickle emblems in a Pointillist fashion, this series of colour pencil drawings portray Kan’s bunny avatar and Ed’s fox character in various scenes, such as watching Bladerunner I in the cinema.

Kan chose the hammer and sickle patterns owing to her exposure to the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan, where she resided in her early childhood.

There is a possibility to buy the drawings, each drawing costing £70 unframed and £100 framed.

At the moment, Kan is also working on constructing a cyber identity, where taking inspiration from this project, she is now offering her virtual LARP girlfriend services on social media in a away similarly to what the artist, Bunny Michael is doing with her binary self-help identity.  To know about this project, simply check out her instagram and e-mail her your date, place and year of birth. She is giving one complimentary session per client and charging £70 for a week’s interaction consisting of one hour video chat sessions every day fusing NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques), Neville Goddard’s creative visualization, and art therapy.

Library opening times:

Sunday 11am-5pm

Friday-Saturday 10am-5pm

Monday-Thursday 10am-8pm

An exhibition of drawings based on the collaborative virtual relationship between artists Katya Kan and Ed Fornieles.
Date & Time:
Saturday 1 June - Saturday 8 June