HF ArtsFest x Huddle Autumn Exhibition

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The HF ArtsFest x Huddle exhibition is officially back!

Our brand new Autumn exhibition kicked off with a celebratory Private View on 28.11.2019.

Come and see work by some of London's most talented artists, for free, across the 3rd and 4th floors in Huddle, 3 Shortlands. If you like what you see, you will be able purchase the art - make sure you check out our catalogue for details on artwork and prices.

To attend, simply email the Huddle team at 3shortlands@huddle.london with your name and date and time you would like to view the work.

Featured artists:

Agata Pec

Alison Safari

Amelie Crepy

Aneta Ten

Arabella Harcourt-Couze

Arvind Ganesh

Brian Deighton

Celia Toler

Chloe Fremantle

Clare Belfield

Darren Azgard

Diane Frost

Dillon Tomlin

Greg Mee

Jenny Bardoville

Martin Lau

Mellezia Natasha

Ryan McDonagh

Sarah Butterfield

Shona Elrick

Snezana Price

Sophie Meyer

Stephen Carter

Stephen Gregson

Stephen Williams

Suchi Chidambaram

Tommy Penton

The ArtWest 'Works on Paper' series

Post image credits: Sarah Butterfield 'Ocean Lights and Palms XVI' , Chloe Fremantle 'Contemplations 81, grey and pale rust 5', Dillon Tomlin 'Two Tone Sea', Brian Deighton 'Pupa', Arvind Ghanesh 'Misty Lake', Martin Lau 'Mandelius Mandus' , Stephen Carter 'St Stephen's Road North 1' , Mellezia Natasha 'Empress Lolly', Arabella Harcourt-Couze 'July from Chiswick to Barnes' , Greg Mee 'Panamanian Masks'